World’s first invisible skyscraper

When we see competition around the world, it’s about building tall and big. We see skyscrapers from around the world, from the Burj Khalifa in the UAE to the Petronas Tower in Malaysia or the Willis Tower in the United States. The list goes on when it comes to building a brand and creating an architectural masterpiece for the world to see. However, recently in South Korea, an entire skyscraper was built with a completely unique concept and concept that actually captured the imagination of people by building a tower that was virtually invisible. This will be the new spirit of Korea. This tower is called Infinity, the first invisible tower in the world that stands 450 meters above the ground. It has given the architecture industry a new meaning with the intricately designed LED facades.

The theme behind building tower infinity is to render the towers invisible. This is achieved through a highly sophisticated system of LED bars and a continuous camera integrated into the tactics that will transmit real-time images of the reflective surface of the building. The 18 cameras that hold images around the building will display these images through the projector and give it a virtual sense of invisibility and transparency. Not only will these towers be able to display the surrounding images, but the same technology will make this entire building as a billboard screen for a special event broadcast. We can only imagine this building 450 meters high.

In addition to being able to disappear, Infinity Tower boasts the world’s third-largest observation deck, as well as shops, restaurants, movie theaters, water parks, and other entertainment and leisure options to please South Korean tourists.

The Infinity Towers building was approved by GDS Architects, Samu Architects, and a collaborative architectural team composed of A&E. The group received the first prize in a national design competition sponsored by Korea Land Housing.

One of the architects of the project, Charles Wee, explained in an interview about the concept behind Infinity Towers, “So we took this idea, took the idea as a rebel and took the opposite form. We wanted to redefine what we meant by a sign from our perspective.” Since Korea is a developed country, it needs to be shown It is not necessary to read it in the longest race of the building It is meaningless to it, but why? “So, we thought, he said,” we’ll reverse – the day it disappeared! ” He said, “We thought we could use it to showcase Korean technology – it would be magical for a building so large to disappear.”